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Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition Explores the Science of Deliciousness at IFT19


Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition Explores the Science of Deliciousness at IFT19:Feed Your Future

Company shows sweet, savory & texture solutions at Booth #4240

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– May 28, 2019 – Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition, a leading manufacturer of aminoacid-based food ingredient technologies, will be exhibiting at the IFT Annual Event and Expo in NewOrleans, LA. The company will be delivering the impactful taste and flavor sensations of umami and kokumiwhile also showing texture improvement in plant-based solutions.

Visitors to the booth will be able to delight their taste buds in several food and drink applications.Demonstrations include a sweet yet spicy ancho chile cinnamon chocolate drink, a zesty frisee salad withsugar- free Italian dressing, and a complex vegan curry masala with incredible kokumi flavor sensations! Inaddition to those applications, the company will also be demonstrating the impact of their kokumiingredients in a savory meatless poutine that tastes anything but meatless. Also at the booth will be analmond cream cheese crudité showing texture improvement using enzymes in plant-based applications aswell as Tuscan tomato eggplant bites with tangy tomato flavor bursting with umami and kokumi.

As the first company who harnessed the power of umami and brought it to market through monosodiumglutamate, Ajinomoto Co. is an expert in understanding the science of great taste. However, the company’spursuits of great taste did not just stop at umami.

There are certain characteristics that develop in stewed, aged and fermented products that exhibitenhanced complexity, mouthfeel and thickness/body. Without any obvious textural changes, these certaincharacteristics cannot be delivered through the use of basic taste or aroma compounds. Ajinomoto Co.scientists in Japan investigated this particular concept using garlic extract, which led to the excitingdiscovery of kokumi substances. Harnessing the power and knowledge of these substances, Ajinomoto Co.developed products that deliver kokumi sensations to a variety of applications. To taste these products,make sure to stop by the booth at the IFT19 Food Expo!

The event will be held at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA from June 3rd-5th, 2019.Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition can be found at Booth #4240.

About Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition is the North American subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co. Inc. (Global CorporateOffice) in Japan, a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and sale of the highest qualityamino acid-based products and food solutions. As experts in harvesting the power of umami since itsdiscovery in 1908, Ajinomoto focuses its efforts on building the bridge between science and taste. Frombreakthrough innovation to social impact, Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition contributes to significant advancesin Nutrition and Health, creating a better life for all. For more information visit www.ajifoodsolutions.com oremail us at publicrelations@ajiusa.com.