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Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Kitchen Accomplice®

Everyday Stock & Broth Concentrates

Extraordinary cooking starts with extraordinary ingredients

Kitchen Accomplice helps everyday cooks create delicious, homemade meals with more flavor and less hassle. Our products contain only all-natural, high-quality ingredients to boost your home cooking to a new level of taste – while ensuring you get the most out of your ingredients. It’s really that easy.

Wicked Tasty Taco application
Kitchen Accomplice broth lineup

Delicious products for the everyday chef

You don’t have to be a chef to achieve great flavor.

More taste, less waste

Kitchen Accomplice’s broth concentrates transport your cooking to a new level of taste by bringing homemade broth flavor to every dish you create – from delicious chicken, beef and vegetable soups to savory sauces. Every bottle of broth concentrate lasts up to six months in your fridge and makes 28 cups of broth – equal to seven cartons you’d buy at the grocery store.

Squeeze with ease

For 25 years, we’ve been crafting bone broth in the great French tradition by slow-simmering bones and vegetables for hours on end. Made from ingredients rich with restorative and naturally balanced properties that help support healthy living, our bone broths and no-bone broths are perfect for everyday use. Simply add our broth concentrate to hot water, stir and enjoy or, add to a cup of noodles for a delicious quick meal.

Make the tastiest tacos ever

Wicked Tasty Taco is your new secret taco ingredient. Made with a blend of authentic herbs and spices, Wicked Tasty Taco elevates your tacos from good to wickedly tasty. From your family’s tradition of Taco Tuesday to cooking for an entire fiesta of friends, with a few simple squeezes, you’ll make the most delicious tacos you’ve ever tasted!

Juicify your burger

Transform your burgers from boring to juicy amazing with Kitchen Accomplice’s Wicked Juicy Burger! Made from all-natural stock, Wicked Juicy Burger will change the way you think about burgers. One bottle is enough to juicify 28 quarter-pound burgers — that’s seven pounds of meat! And once opened, it keeps in the refrigerator for up to six months.

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Inspired by a passion for great taste and less waste, More Than Gourmet developed Kitchen Accomplice to help everyday cooks create delicious, flavorful dishes with ease and in the comfort of their own kitchens.