Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Eat Well Live Well

Unlocking the power of amino acids to better people’s lives globally.

We are committed to delivering solutions that allow people to eat well and live well by unlocking the power of amino acids.

As part of the Ajinomoto family, founded over 110 years ago, Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition brings the highest-quality products to North American manufacturers and consumers.

In fulfilling this promise, we create opportunities for people to enjoy and live healthier lives.

ajinomoto north america
ajinomoto north america

Industries We Support

Contributing to significant advances in nutrition and health through amino acids to create a better life for all.

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What Drives Us

Contributing significant advances in nutrition & health

Our Vision

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc. contributes to significant advances in nutrition and health, creating a better life for all.

Our Mission

To provide a level of service, solution, value and growth which exceed the expectations of customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. To provide food solutions and technologies which deliver taste, texture, flavor, safety and ensure successful consumer brands. To accelerate the utilization of amino acids by leveraging our amino acid knowledge creating value for our customers, employees and company.

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"110 years committed to taste and wellness."

Featured Stories

Discover how Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition brings out the flavor in food, improves health, and enhances quality of life through stories born from our passion for eating well and living well.

Businesses today face a new challenge: how to remain trusted and authentic in the eyes of consumers. According to Edelman’s trust barometer, businesses and corporations have become the most trusted institution since 2020 compared to media, government, and non-governmental organizations. To maintain this trust, businesses must align with the consumer demand for transparency and authenticity. This is particularly true among Gen Z and millennial consumers who want companies to align with their values, address social issues and advocate against injustices, such as xenophobia and racism.
In recent years, the popularity of plant-based meat skyrocketed due to consumer intrigue in an animal alternative that was more sustainable, ethical, and nutritious. However, the velocity at which these products are selling has waned, with the narrative in the food industry shifting toward skepticism and criticism.
#IFTFIRST has come and gone, but we’re still thinking about it! We loved getting to interact with other industry professionals, showcase our solutions and ingredients through delicious lunches each day, participate on panels and so much more! Eva Ryan, one of our summer interns, wrapped up our experience at #IFTFIRST in our latest story on ajihealthandnutrition.com! Check

Our Impact in North America

Our unique scale and legacy allows us to change lives all over the world.

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