Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Animal Nutrition

Meeting nutritional and health needs through the power of amino acids

Animal Health and Welfare Through Nutrition

The cow providing the milk for your dairy products, the chicken providing the meat at your table, your furry friends providing your family love; all have nutritional needs. Our amino acid solutions and expertise allow feed and pet food formulators the versatility, quality, and precision to give them the best.

ajinomoto animal nutrition north america inc
ajinomoto animal nutrition

Committed to Animal Nutrition

Improving animal nutrition in North America by creating original new values through advanced technology & nutrition expertise, providing all stakeholders with healthy living & well-being in the food value chain.

Research Collaboration

A key source of our success is our frequent collaboration with academia. Through independent and results-oriented research, we are committed to advancing the science of animal nutrition.

Amino Acid Analysis Lab

Contract customers gain access to our state-of-the-art amino acid analysis lab and extensive feedstuff database, giving you precision on your formulation decisions.

Industry Expertise

Our experienced sales, technical, and R&D staff stand ready to consult, whether it be regarding distribution, feed formulation, or experimental trials.

Animal Nutrition Applications

Pet Food

Have confidence in the ingredients you use to complete the amino acid profile of your pet food. Our domestically produced, GMP certified amino acids are the industry standards in quality and safety.


Ajinomoto has been the frontrunner in amino acid nutritional research and technical expertise since we first started producing feed-grade Lysine in 1965. Now, feed-grade amino acids are an essential component of modern poultry production.


Amino acid solutions to meet the nutritional needs of modern livestock swine.

Dairy Cow

US milk production continues to grow, in large part due to increased milk production per cow. Ajinomoto proudly supports dairy cow nutritionists in their efforts to meet the nutritional and health needs of the modern dairy cow.

Leading the Industry in Feed-Grade Amino Acids since 1986

amino acids animal nutrition

Monogastric Amino Acid Nutrition

Starting with L-Lysine in 1986, our fermentors have expanded to produce feed-grade L-Threonine and L-Tryptophan. Amino acids are now an indispensable part of the modern monogastric industry.

Dairy Cow Amino Acid Balancing

Launched in 2011, AjiPro-L has since become the No. 1 rumen-protected Lysine in the US market.

Unparalleled Quality and Safety for Pet Food

We pride ourselves on our Quality Control standards, superior product specifications, and commitment to continued production improvement.

Animal Nutrition Solutions

Feed-Grade Amino Acids

Supporting animal health through amino acid nutrition


The No.1 Rumen-Protected Lysine in the United States. Our 3rd Generation product boasts 80% rumen bypass and 80% intestinal digestibility.

Pharma-Grade Amino Acids

The highest quality ingredients for your pharmaceutical grade products.

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Gallagher’s Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis Identified Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition as an Organization That Excels in Optimizing Employee and Organizational Wellbeing
We are pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2020, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc. (AANA) will merge into our affiliate company.

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Researchers for the Ajinomoto Group developed a way to mimic the environment of the bovine digestive tract, allowing them to screen supplement prototypes in the lab instead of testing them on actual cows, thus saving time

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