Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Who We Are

Innovators committed to enhancing healthier lives through research and quality solutions.

Business Overview

Bridging the Gap Between Science & Solutions

At Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition, we are comprised of four business divisions and two subsidiaries that provide innovative solutions to meet various needs of North American consumers with better taste, nutrition, health, and wellness. Our divisions include Solutions & Ingredients, Amino Science, Medical Nutrition, and Wellness & Sports Nutrition. Our subsidiaries include Ajinomoto Cambrooke Inc. and More Than Gourmet, Inc. Each part of our business brings an unwavering commitment to the leading technologies, science, and innovation that Ajinomoto was founded on over 110 years ago.

As the North America subsidiary of The Ajinomoto Group, we’re backed by the global network of The Group companies. Through our international research, manufacturing, supply, and distribution system, we’re able to bring the highest-grade amino acid products and ingredient solutions to consumers in the US and around the world.

Industries We Serve

ajinomoto food manufacturing company
ajinomoto food manufacturing company

Shared Value Represents our Unchanging Commitment

Through our business activities, we have created new value through the resolution of issues facing society and have realized growth as a corporation by improving economic value. 

ASV pillars

Why Shared Value is “Our Reason to Be”
with President Jiro Sakamoto

ajinomoto company profile
ajinomoto company profile


Our products and services, born from pioneering research and customer needs, are focused on improving lives through nutrition and health.

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We are thrilled to share that as of January 3, 2023 Ajinomoto Health and Nutrition North America, Inc. (AHN) has acquired the remaining shares of More Than Gourmet (MTG), completing the acquisition.
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