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Harness the science behind amino acids

Amino acid sports nutrition

aminoVITAL® provides the highest quality amino acid-based nutritional products to all athletes aspiring to improve their conditioning and performance.
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AminoVital Recovery products

Why aminoVITAL® ?

Our formulations contain ingredients to help all athletes recover better and train harder. aminoVITAL products are scientifically tested and athlete approved.

Evidenced-based Sports Nutrition

Our products are backed by over a hundred years of amino acid research and development. Additionally, aminoVITAL products were used in research that showed reduced muscle soreness for those using our amino acid nutrition vs. placebo.

A Trusted Source

Premium ingredients, strict manufacturing processes, and advanced technologies enable us to provide a product that enhances healthier lives.

Plant-based Amino Acids

We start with plants then process them through advanced fermentation technology to extract the highest quality amino acids for our products.

Explore our Products

Visit the aminoVITAL website to learn more and shop for high-quality nutritional products.