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Amino acid-based, gentle, and moisturizing surfactant for hair care & skincare.

Mild & Effective Cleansing

AMISOFT® products are amino acid-based. They are sulfate-free and mild to the skin & hair.

Washing hands with product with Amisoft
Amisoft Application

Excellent Cleansing & Moisturizing Properties

AMISOFT® series is an anionic surfactant series produced from glutamic acid and fatty acid. It has excellent cleansing and foaming properties while keeping the skin moisturized. They are an excellent option for sulfate-free product application.

They are a mild, gentle surfactant series with excellent foaming properties at a wide pH range. The AMISOFT® series emulsifiers allow for sustainable emulsification technology.

Anionic Surfactants

Biodegradable & Gentle

Excellent foaming properties & supports various types of cleansing systems

Hair Care

Gentle and effective cleansing with amino acid-based ingredients leave hair feeling nourished and healthy. Our biodegradable hair conditioning agents take care of your hair and also care for our environment.

Skin Care

Improve cleansing & moisturizing ability with our amino acid-based ingredients. Enable the recovery of damaged skin, increase stability in emulsion systems, increase moisture retention and more in Skin Care products.


Formulate makeup products packed with all the skin care benefits from our Amino Acids based ingredients. Our technology allows for formulations with excellent efficacy and performance for makeup products.

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