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Amino acid-based wellness & nutrition

Backed by rigorous clinical studies and made from the highest quality ingredients.

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Our products are made from simple ingredients that are high quality, and clinically proven. Our consumer brands Capsiate, Indigo Collagen, and aminoVITAL utilize these ingredients to help you optimize your health

Premium Quality

We manufacture the highest quality amino acid-based products.

Evidence based clinical studies

Our ingredients are clinically tested and proven to optimize health.

Simple & Clean Ingredients

No artificial ingredients - no fillers or flavors - Clean product with everything you need and nothing you don’t need

Wellness & Sports Nutrition Ingredients

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Your body needs collagen. Compared to other fish-based collagen, our marine collagen has higher concentrations of essential amino acids, including threonine, histidine, arginine, and methionine, as well as glycine and serine. These amino acids help you become healthier and happier from the inside out.


CapsiAtra has been shown to support weight management and endurance without the negative side effects of pungency, elevated heart rate, and elevated blood pressure.

Amino L40

Amino L40 supplies all 9 essential amino acids at one time to support muscle recovery, promote healthy muscles, and supports joint health.

How Our Team Applies Their Passion for Nutrition to Developing Products that Help People Live Better

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