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Aji-Pro L


America’s No.1 Rumen-Protected Lysine

Ruminant Amino Acid Nutrition

The culmination of years of research, AjiPro®-L is Ajinomoto’s first product catering to Ruminants. Its rumen-protection technology allows the Lysine to bypass the rumen and be absorbed in the hindgut.

Lysine cattle feed
Lysine cattle feed

Unique Rumen Protection Technology

Providing the tools for success to nutritionists

Amino Acids are an indispensable tool in monogastric (swine, poultry) nutrition, allowing for nutrition and cost optimization not possible with commodity feedstuffs. In ruminants such as dairy cows, “naked” amino acids are digested by the microorganisms inhabiting the rumen. This presents a challenge to the nutritionist seeking to formulate a precise amino acid profile in their ruminant feed.
Enter AjiPro®-L, Ajinomoto’s first feed-grade amino acid for the Ruminant feed market. A proprietary matrix-shell protection system allows the encapsulated Lysine to bypass the rumen and prevent its digestion by rumen microorganisms. Once in the hindgut, the cow’s natural digestive enzymes free the Lysine to be directly absorbed by the cow.

By bypassing the rumen and releasing Lysine directly to the small intestine of the cow, AjiPro®-L allows nutritionists to accurately predict amino acid supply.

Dairy cows have increased output over 200% in the last 50 years. AjiPro®-L supports modern nutrition for modern dairy cows.

Why does adding a small amount of a single amino acid improve production so much? By increasing the First-Limiting amino acid in a feed, of all other amino acids that were in excess before can be used more.


Meeting the nutritional and health needs of the animals that provide for us.

Backed by Science

AjiPro®-L is the product of decades of research and trials.

AjiPro®-L 3rd Generation’s efficacy of 80% rumen bypass and 80% intestinal digestion has been validated by numerous trials.
Cows in transition have special nutritional needs. Consult with our experts on how AjiPro®-L can help.

As a precision-manufactured product, AjiPro®-L can save feed costs by replacing expensive and nutritionally variable commodity protein sources

Technical Information

Dive deeper into the science of AjiPro®-L

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Frequently Asked Questions

Various management practices affect milk production in dairy herds. To ensure success with AjiPro®-L, close consultation with your nutritionist and/or Ajinomoto experts is advised. Top-dressing AjiPro®-L onto existing rations is not recommended.
Lysine is usually the 2nd limiting amino acid in US dairy rations, after Methionine. Consult with your nutritionist or feed mill on available Methionine sources.
AjiPro®-L remains generally stable in TMR for up to 24 hours. This is an important feature of an effective rumen protected lysine product since it has to be mixed with TMR, and it may take 12-24 hours for dairy cows to finish consuming the feed.
Although it depends on the usage of AjiPro®-L, the dairy management and other factors, most research trials using AjiPro®-L have shown an improved yield of milk components, especially protein.
No, AjiPro®-L cannot be pelletized. One of the protective agents of AjiPro®-L is hydrogenated soy oil, and this ingredient may degrade when exposed to high temperatures in the pelleting process. Pelleting AjiPro®-L will compromise the bypass rate of lysine in dairy cows, lowering the product performance.

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