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Create great tasting, sugar-like formulations with our ingredient solutions.

We understand what it takes to make your beverage a success

Formulating for beverage success comes natural to Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition.  Our decades of global sweetener expertise and custom flavor enhancement knowledge make us a trusted partner for your solution needs.  From sugar reduction to clean, sweet taste and flavor enhancement, we are are ready to help you formulate for success.   

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Tackling Tough Beverage Challenges

We understand the complexities of beverage formulation and are ready to tackle your toughest formulation concerns.

Delicious sugar reduction

Reducing sugar in a beverage can often lead to unfavorable taste and reduced mouthfeel. Our portfolio of ingredients optimizes for clean, sugar-like taste as well as texture in your beverage with zero or low calories on the label.

Standard of identity

Formulating a beverage with a standard of identity, such as flavored milk, is a challenge. We have ingredients that allow you to reduce sugar and enhance flavor while maintaining the identity standard of the beverage.

True-to-fruit flavor

Authentic taste is top of mind in today's consumers, and they want their beverages to deliver trusted deliciousness. Enhance citrus notes with our solutions and achieve true-to-fruit flavor in soft drinks, sports drinks, and more.

Delivering Solutions for Beverage Success

Ingredient solutions crafted to support your formulation projects and elevate delicious, sugar-like taste

liquid flavor enhancers

Clean sweeteners with no off-tastes that need to be masked

Achieve great taste while reducing off-flavor notes, astringency and sugar.

liquid flavor enhancer

Simplify ingredient statements

Simplify your ingredient statement by including our flavors with modifying properties (FMPs) within an existing “natural and artificial flavors” statement.

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Improve taste without changing the label

Enliven overall taste and flavor without adding to your ingredient list with a taste enhancement that makes sugar reduction easy.

Featured Products

Parfait with AJISWEET sweetener


AjiSweet Natural Blends are excellent sweetener systems that are a great fit for reduced sugar, no sugar, and clean label formulas.


The world's best high potency sweetener for sugar-like taste.

Food-Grade Amino Acids

The highest quality amino acids to enrich your products.

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While naturally rich in umami, cheese, especially aged cheeses, also tend to be high in salt. This is especially true of processed cheese products, such as flavored cheese balls. If approached by a leading CPG client to reformulate its flavored spreadable cheddar cheese “party” ball to reduce sodium and enhance flavor, the product support team at Ajinomoto Health and Nutrition would approach the challenge with the goal of attaining a 25% reduction in total sodium chloride levels, while imparting a delicious aged character to the end product.
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The plant-based market is projected to be worth $162 billion in the next ten years and has grown 43% in the past two years despite challenging shopping environments brought by COVID-19 (Source).

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