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Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.


Deliver texture, enhance indulgent dairy notes or boost savory and sweet taste with our diverse ingredient solutions.

Creamy, indulgent, and healthful. All can be achieved with the right ingredients.

Taste and texture are equally important factors in dairy product formulation and Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition’s ingredients can help keep your consumers coming back for more. From viscosity and creaminess to sugar-like sweetness and decadent dairy enhancement, our ingredients can help your brand succeed. 

milk flavor enhancer
milk taste enhancer

Your Support Toolbox

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition provides a wide variety of products that enhance the taste, texture, and flavor profiles in many different dairy applications ranging from cheese, to yogurt, to milk. Work with our Food Innovation Team to craft the perfect ingredient solution for your dairy product.

Culinary Experts

Our team of culinary scientists are here to support you through the formulation process.

Diverse Portfolio

Our portfolio of ingredient solutions improve texture, enhance taste, reduce sugar, and more to help you craft the best dairy product.

Premium Ingredients

We produce the highest quality ingredients possible through advanced amino acid and fermentation technology.

Dairy Solutions

Easily achieve sugar-like sweetness, delicious taste and texture.


Texture & Mouthfeel

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition’s enzyme preparations can be utilized to offer innovative and stable solutions to help achieve the desired texture and mouthfeel in your dairy application.


Sugar Reduction

Our company provides great-tasting sweetener solutions that don’t distort flavors or add off-taste to foods.

yeast extract flavor enhancer

Flavor Enhancement

Our ingredients can be used to increase richness and aged cheese flavor, improve body and mouthfeel, and deliver umami and kokumi or sweet tastes depending on the application.

Other Dairy Applications & Solutions


Milk & Other Dairy Drinks

Advantame can help reduce sugar in flavored milks by enhancing their taste and flavor impact, while maintaining the milk’s Standard of Identity. It can also help enhance cocoa and chocolate and vanilla flavors. Our enzyme preparations allow for the reduction of extenders and improve mouthfeel.


Cultured Dairy

Our enzymes can enhance creaminess, improve viscosity, reduce or replace extenders and stabilizers, control syneresis, and reduce costs.


Dressings and Dips

Our enzymes improve viscosity. Yeast & yeast extracts enhances body, improve mouthfeel, and increase richness and aged flavor. Corn powder delivers a sweet ‘just picked’ corn flavor with a beautiful bright yellow color. Savorboost™ yeast and yeast extracts provide enhanced mouthfeel, dairy, and creamy notes, crave-ability, while brightening the flavor profile and overall richness.


Processed Cheeses

Our enzyme preparations improve viscosity and texture and enhance melt-restriction. Our yeast & yeast extracts can improve mouthfeel and increase richness and aged flavor.

ice cream flavor enhancer

Ice Cream

Corn powder provides a unique way of adding sweetness while delivering a premium corn flavor. ACTIVA® can help with mouthfeel and reduce ice crystal formation while improving over run. Savorboost™ yeast and yeast extracts can enhance chocolate character or bitter notes while reducing the cocoa products for cost savings. Advantame can be used as a flavor with modifying properties (FMPs). Aspartame is the best high potency sweetener with the cleanest flavor to create no added sugar indulgences.

cheese flavor enhancer

Cheese Seasoning

Savorboost™ yeast and yeast extracts help enhance dairy notes, deliver aged cheese character, and creaminess. This technology also helps in cost reductions, flavor balancing with savory linger. Corn powder can enhance any snack with a fresh corn flavor while providing consumer perception of vegetables in a topical seasoning. Advantame can be used as a flavor with modifying properties (FMPs).

Featured Products

Parfait with AJISWEET sweetener


AJISWEET™ Natural Blends are excellent sweetener systems that are a great fit for reduced sugar, no sugar, and clean label formulas.


Enzymes that deliver impactful texture and bonding solutions for a variety of applications


The world's best high potency sweetener for sugar-like taste.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Delicious sodium reduction with the essence of umami.

Food-Grade Amino Acids

The highest quality amino acids to enrich your products.

Looking for more information?

Let us help you find the right ingredient solution for your project. Chat with a member of our sales team and request a sample today.

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