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Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.


Precision Nutrition

Amino acid solutions to meet the nutritional needs of modern livestock swine

Ajinomoto is the frontrunner in amino acid nutritional research and technical expertise.


Experts in Animal Nutrition

The trusted name in amino acid nutrition


Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition is committed to supporting objective, results-based research in animal nutrition. Our partnerships with leading academia and research entities and validation trials with respected consultants have earned our product’s inclusion in countless dairy diets.


Unlike most commodity feedstuffs, our products undergo rigorous Quality Control tests. Have faith that every production lot performs exactly as advertised.


By using single amino acids, formulators gain versatility not possible with commodity feedstuffs. Truly optimize for both performance and cost with our solutions.

Amino Acid Animal Nutrition

At the forefront of animal nutrition for over 50 years


Precision Nutrition

Commodity feedstuffs supply an unbalanced mix of amino acids - by supplementing the most limiting amino acid, other oversupplied amino acids can be used.


Lower feed cost

Formulating with individual amino acids reduces crude protein content of feed without any loss of animal growth performance. The relative price stability of our amino acids also mitigates commodity feedstuff price volatility.


Lower nitrogen excretion from animals into the environment

Feeding animals well results in lower waste; several peer reviewed publications have reported that a 1% reduction in dietary crude protein content, when properly formulated with AA’s, resulted in an 8.5% reduction in N excretion.

Common Amino Acids for Swine Feed



Lysine is the 1st limiting essential amino acid in swine diets and 2nd limiting in poultry. The advent of affordable, feed-grade Lysine led to a revolution in feed efficiency in the monogastric industry. Frequently formulated into pet food to satisfy AAFCO nutrition requirements.



The 3rd limiting amino acid in most swine and poultry diets. Ajinomoto Threonine is granulated for better handling. Frequently formulated into pet food to satisfy AAFCO nutrition requirements.



The 4th limiting amino acid in most swine diets. Additionally, serves as a precursor to serotonin and melatonin, leading to behavioral improvements. Frequently formulated into pet food, as well as pet supplements.



The commercial availability of L-Valine has further allowed nutritionists to balance the amino acid content of swine and poultry feeds, meet the amino acid requirements of their high-yielding livestock without causing an imbalance in other amino acids, and significantly reduce the nitrogen excretion of their livestock through a reduction in dietary protein.

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Supporting animal health through amino acid nutrition

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