Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Low Protein Solutions

A breakthrough in PKU medical nutrition.

The lowest level of what you don’t need and the most of what you want

Our formula is the first innovation in PKU nutrition in 60 years. We crafted a delicious tasting product with reduced calories, and reduced Phe levels. This allows people living with PKU to enjoy better tasting products that they can trust will meet their nutrition needs. 

The fastest growing PKU medical nutrition company

Our focus on nutrition, clean ingredients, and delicious taste set us apart from competitors.

Holistic Nutrition

We strive to take care of the holistic nutrition needs of our customers, not just their disease-induced requirements. Our product contains 1 mg of Phe & 120 calories per gram of Protein Equivalent.

Delicious Taste & A Variety of Options

Those who rely on medical nutrition often consume the same things 3-4 times a day. We produce great tasting products in a variety of flavors and several convenient formulas like powders, liquids, and bars.


As innovators in the medical nutrition industry we choose to go beyond what is ‘good enough.’ Our products do more for our customers with specialized nutrition because we use health-enhancing value-added ingredients.

Inborn Errors of Protein Metabolism Products


BUILD GMP Powder in four flavors

New flavored options have the lowest calories, the lowest Phe and the most flexibility in how, where and when PKU formula can be enjoyed. Now in Raspberry Lemonade, Vanilla, Chocolate and Smooth flavored options.

Bag of Homactin II

Homactin AA Plus Lemon Lime

Homactin AA Plus Powder 15 is an amino acid-based methionine-free, nutritionally complete, powder medical nutrition for the dietary management of Homocystinuria. Homactin AA Plus Powder has a light, fresh taste in a lemon lime flavor. Suitable for ages 1 through adulthood.

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