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Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years at Eddyville, Iowa Plant


Eddyville, IA- On Thursday, April 5, 2018,

guests from all over the world came together to celebrate Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc. Eddyville, Iowa Plant’s 25th anniversary. In 1993, the plant opened as the only monosodium glutamate manufacturer in the United States, and still maintains that title today. This celebration not only marked a significant 25 years of efficient production, but also the impact that Ajinomoto’s presence has had on the state of Iowa with job creation.

The event’s festivities began Thursday morning with a delightful breakfast buffet and welcoming of the guests to the main event tent at the Eddyville plant. Once all the guests arrived and found their assigned seating, the Senior Vice President of the Food Ingredient Division, Ryan Smith, took the stage to say a few welcoming words and introduce the President of Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc., Tatsuya Sato. Sato-san spoke of his love for the state of Iowa and his appreciation for everyone’s hard work while simultaneously weaving humor into his speech that created an air of relaxed enjoyment throughout the crowd. Sato-san had the significant opportunity of introducing the President of the Ajinomoto Group, Takaaki Nishii to the stage as the final morning speaker. President Nishii illustrated his excitement to be a part of such a significant anniversary, while also addressing the audience of dignitaries, customers, supply partners, and employees to speak on the Ajinomoto Group’s global goals. The audience was delighted to hear about Ajinomoto’s high aspirations to become a top 10 global food manufacturer by the year 2020. Once morning speeches commenced, Ryan Smith took the stage to kick off the activity section of the day.

The next 2 hours were filled with groups of guests experiencing a culinary demonstration tour, a plant facility tour, and the ability to interact with key dignitaries and distinguished guests. Chef Chris Koetke, a world-renowned umami chef, led the culinary demonstration with a dynamic and hands on look at the umami taste. Guests were elated to be able to learn more about the fifth taste, umami, from a chef’s perspective while also getting to try unique samples throughout the demonstration. Once all of the groups went through their plant and culinary tours, the lunch buffet was waiting for them in the main tent. Lunch was followed by afternoon speeches.

Ryan Smith took the stage again to begin the introduction of each important speaker of the day, beginning with Etsuhiro Takato, the General Manager of the Foods Division. Takatosan focused his words on the importance that committed employees have on the success of a plant, which he was happy find at the Eddyville plant. After Takato-san, Ryan introduced Naoki Ito, the General Consul to Japan. Ito-san illustrated his commitment to continuing to bring Japanese business expansions to Southeast Iowa in collaboration with the next speaker, U.S. Congressman Dave Loebsack. Congressman Loebsack and the General Consulate of Japan pledged to continue creating new jobs in southeast Iowa with companies like Ajinomoto. The last speaker of the day was the Iowa Plant Manager, Jeff Peyton. Jeff was the most familiar to employees at the plant who joined to hear the afternoon speeches and spoke of his pride for all of his hardworking colleagues. His passion for the plant’s success has been crucial to its continuous improvement over the past 25 years to reach maximum efficiency. The event commenced after Jeff left the stage and Ryan Smith made the final remarks and thanks for all of the guests dedicating their time to come out and celebrate this significant anniversary. As the guests boarded the shuttles back to the hotel, a feeling of recognition for all of the hard work given at the plant was setting over the group. Ajinomoto is happy that so many distinguished individuals dedicated their time to celebrating a momentous occasion and is looking forward to continuing the growth for the next 25 years.

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