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Ajinomoto’s Raleigh Plant Hosts Global Quality Assurance School


Dave Minella
Ajinomoto North America Public Relations

Raleigh, NC (November 17, 2015)- On October 27 and 28, 2015 Ajinomoto North America’s amino acids manufacturing plant and business oce in Raleigh, NC, hosted the 2nd ASQUA School in the U.S. ASQUA - the Ajinomoto System of Quality Assurance - combines ISO9001, GMP, HACCP and other management and manufacturing practices to create a higher global standard of quality assurance for all Ajinomoto Group companies. Members from Ajinomoto Group aliate companies in Japan, China, Mexico and the United States – including nine employees from the Raleigh area – participated in the school. The 1st ASQUA School in the U.S., which was also hosted by the North Carolina facility, was held in 2012.

Ajinomoto’s ASQUA School exists to reinforce quality assurance best practices to help its companies’ global employees meet the needs of their customers and set manufacturing and management standards that satisfy the rigid guidelines of government and industry regulatory organizations. Among the topics discussed during the 2nd ASQUA School were GMO labeling, kosher and halal certi cations, proposed changes to nutrition labeling regulations, supply chain management, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and responding to Voice of Customer (VOC). Additionally, representatives from each Ajinomoto aliate company discussed common quality issues in their facilities and the steps taken to address those issues and improve manufacturing processes.

Ajinomoto North America, Inc. is an aliate company of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Ajinomoto North America, Inc. manufactures food ingredient products in its Eddyville, IA plant and pharmaceutical-grade amino acids in its Raleigh, NC plant. The Raleigh plant, founded in 1982, employs approximately 200 area residents and is the only pharmaceutical-grade amino acid manufacturing facility in the United States.

About Ajinomoto North America
Ajinomoto North America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Ajinomoto). Ajinomoto is recognized as a global leader in the research, development, manufacture and sale of amino acid-based products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, health and beauty industries as well as food ingredients and consumer food products. The company opened its rst American o¬ce in New York in 1917 and has since grown and expanded its presence, establishing production facilities in North Carolina and Iowa and opening sales o¬ces in New Jersey and Illinois. Ajinomoto North America leverages an international manufacturing, supply and distribution chain to bring the highest-grade amino acid products to consumers. For additional information on Ajinomoto North America, Inc., please visit www.ajihealthandnutrition.com.