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Experience the New Era of Amino VITAL® Sports Performance at the PGA Merchandise Show

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Contact: Dave Minella
Ajinomoto North America, Inc.
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Amino VITAL® all-natural sports nutrition products help improve energy, focus, endurance and recovery

Raleigh, NC (January 4, 2016) – Successful golfers are easy to identify. They work harder – and smarter. They practice, train and recover, and they don’t cut corners. They demand the best - from themselves, their equipment and their nutrition products. They understand the science behind their game and their training, and they recognize what their bodies need to perform at the highest level. To meet the high demands of today’s top golfers, Amino VITAL® has developed a complete sports performance system specifically designed to fuel active bodies. Backed by more than 100 years of scientific research, Amino VITAL® offers a new era of sports nutrition today.

Amino VITAL® delivers five key amino acids crucial to enhancing an athlete’s performance - the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine and valine, plus glutamine and arginine. These amino acids have been incorporated into four optimal formulas, creating the Amino VITAL® Synergy System, which provides the perfect combination of components for each step of the performance process: energy, focus, endurance and recovery. Amino VITAL® has been perfected into an easy-to-mix powder that can be dissolved quickly in water, or taken on its own, to provide a great-tasting sports nutrition product.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They are essential for muscle cell growth, repair and maintenance, as well as mental focus. They work faster than protein because amino acids don’t have to be broken down for your body to use, meaning they are absorbed more quickly into your system and start working faster during training or competition when your body needs it most.

Amino Vital products are formulated with the combination of the highest quality amino acids available to deliver quick and sustained muscle energy, fuel your mind for peak mental clarity, and support fast muscle recovery so you can train and perform powerfully day after day. Amino VITAL® has been helping athletes at all levels reach their peak performance for years.

The Amino VITAL® Synergy System

Fast Charge
Fast Charge is the first phase of the Amino VITAL® Synergy System and your first line of defense against fatigue. Full of 2.5 g of rapidly absorbing amino acids, plus extra vitamins, it replenishes the building blocks your body needs to revitalize muscle energy and keeps you strong.

  • 2.5 g of amino acids, including BCAAs for muscle energy, glutamine for immune system and intestinal health and arginine for improved blood flow.
  • Vitamin B complex to help maintain metabolic rate and support normal blood sugar levels.
  • Aji-Dry™ stick pack technology for faster intake and bioavailability – no need to mix with water.
  • Boosts energy and fights fatigue.
  • Available in convenient single-serve packets.

Focus Zone
The second phase of the Amino VITAL® Synergy System, Focus Zone keeps your head in the game with 2.4 g of our powerful amino acid blend - including glutamine, arginine and BCAAs. Focus zone fuels your muscle cells with electrolytes to keep your body working at optimal intensity. With only 25 calories per serving, Focus Zone delivers muscular energy and mental focus and sets the stage for recovery.

  • 2.5 g of amino acids
  • Electrolytes for muscle fuel
  • Promotes muscular energy and mental focus
  • Only 25 calories per serving

For sustained hydration and energy, Pro-E keeps you going through even the most intense activities and training sessions. Pro-E, the third phase of the Amino VITAL® Synergy System, is a quick-absorbing formula that delivers energy and intra-workout recovery with 2.4 g of amino acids, plus electrolytes and carbohydrates for muscle fuel.

  • 2.4 g of amino acids, including BCAAs for muscle energy, glutamine for immune system and intestinal health and arginine for improved blood flow.
  • Complex carbohydrates that provide a sustained-release energy source, allowing you to train harder and longer.
  • Electrolytes to aid against dehydration and help maintain healthy blood pH and muscular function.
  • Delivers sustained energy and in-workout recovery

Even the most intense training sessions are fruitless without adequate recovery. Pro-R provides an optimal blend of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for proper physical and mental recuperation after workouts and other physical activity. Use Pro-R, the final phase of the Amino VITAL® Synergy System, to replenish your body’s energy stores and repair damaged tissues.

  • 1.8 g of amino acids to accelerate muscle recovery.
  • Electrolytes to speed muscle cell rehydration.
  • Vitamins and minerals to aid in the growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissues.
  • Low calorie, great-tasting formula.

Amino VITAL® is made by Ajinomoto North America, Inc., a global leader in amino science with more than 100 years of amino acid research and development experience. Amino VITAL® is made only with AJIPURE® amino acids, Ajinomoto North America, Inc.’s brand of pharmaceutical-grade amino acids, to ensure that every product delivers the highest quality ingredients. Athletes trust and rely on Amino VITAL® because of its efficacy and also because Ajinomoto North America, Inc.’s strict quality control, extensive product testing and adherence to banned substance regulations guarantee safety. Amino VITAL® has become a trusted brand among professional and top-level amateur athletes around the world.

Amino VITAL® will launch the new era of sports nutrition at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, January 27-29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Visit Amino VITAL® at booth #1359 to experience Amino VITAL® synergy for yourself.

For more information, visit amino-vital.com.
Facebook: facebook.com/AminoVitalGolf
Twitter: @aminovitalgolf

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Ajinomoto North America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Ajinomoto). Ajinomoto is recognized as a global leader in the research, development, manufacture and sale of amino acid-based products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, health and beauty industries as well as food ingredients and consumer food products. The company opened its first American office in New York in 1917 and has since grown and expanded its presence, establishing production facilities in North Carolina and Iowa and opening sales offices in New Jersey and Illinois. Ajinomoto North America leverages an international manufacturing, supply and distribution chain to bring the highest-grade amino acid products to consumers. For additional information on Ajinomoto North America, Inc., please visit www.ajihealthandnutrition.com.

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