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Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. Refines AjiPro®-L


Chicago, IL (September 1, 2016) - Through a process of continuous improvement, Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. has refined the manufacturing process used in making AjiPro® -L rumen protected lysine. The same proprietary process continues to provide protection from the destruction of lysine by rumen microbes. The refinement increases the lysine available to the cow and reduces the amount of lysine lost in the feces. The AjiPro-L particle size has decreased which contributes to superior mixing homogeneity. AjiPro-L contains 40% L-lysine, with 80% rumen bypass and 80% intestinal digestibility, for a net 25% metabolizable lysine. Use of AjiPro-L to properly balance amino acid levels in dairy rations promotes income over feed costs by allowing lower levels of protein to be fed while supporting higher milk and milk protein levels. Amino acid balancing ranks among the best practices for high producing dairy herds. It offers greater flexibility in ration formulation by making more room available for forages or other feedstuffs, when intake limits nutrient delivery, as with high production cows. In addition, cows excrete less nitrogen when fed a ration properly balanced for amino acids. The refinement in AjiPro-L production builds on the company’s history of thoroughly researched and thoughtfully developed products. AjiPro-L was introduced in the United States in 20ll. Investments in third party research have continued since then, validating how and where to use AjiPro-L for optimal production response and profitability. Ajinomoto Heartland is a U.S.-based, wholly owned subsidiary ofthe Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group, Inc. (AANG), global manufacturing and distribution network of feed grade amino acids. Ajinomoto Co. Inc. is the sole shareholder of AANG. For more information, please visit http://www.lysine.com.

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Pat Hansen
Sales & Marketing Manager, Ruminants
Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc.